Recruiting: Event Organisers!

Hello everyone, we’re recruiting Event Organisers to help run regular Salmon Run events, private battles and short tournaments. This is an entry-level role, in terms of required knowledge and experience with running events and tournaments.

What we’d like ALL of our Event Organisers to do:

  • Help organise and run their assigned events
  • Help communicate events to the community (e.g. drafting and editing announcement posts, answering questions about assigned events, etc.)
  • Help make events fun and enjoyable for those who join in
  • Provide basic conflict diffusion in event chats as relevant. 
  • Uphold the Oceanink CoC


  • 16+
  • Must be mature, patient, adaptable, enthusiastic and able to take initiative.
  • Be able to set and action a timeline and complete tasks before deadlines.
  • Must have good availability to help share the load of running their assigned events.

Salmon Organiser Criteria:

  • Must: be passionate about Salmon Run, able to answer questions about Salmon Run itself (e.g. how to queue, basic strategies, etc.) and be able to find suitable rotations for events.
  • Frequency of events: Once every 1-2 months, for both special and normal rotations.

Private Battle Organiser Criteria:

  • Must: be willing to help fill and host private battles, enjoy playing minigames and gimmicky modes, be supportive of newer players in lobbies and be able to organise mode and minigame itineraries.
  • Frequency of events: Once every 1-2 months, alternating with Oceanink Salmon Run events.

Short Tournament Organiser Criteria:

  • Must: be engaged with the competitive Splatoon community and be interested in engaging in all skills levels of the community.
  • Frequency of events: Oceanink-run tournaments will be run with respect to the greater competitive calendar. We are tentatively aiming to host one once every 1-3 months, subject to organiser availability.

Oceanink Squids’s current plan is to run regular Splatoon 2 events at least until Splatoon 3 comes out. Oceanink Event Organisers may have the option to take on additional duties as discord and series mods at a later date.

Successful applicants will be given a three-week trial to give them a chance to try out being a mod and to let us see if they’re a good fit for the team. This will be followed by a more informal 3-6 month probation. If they become inactive within 12 months, we may terminate their position.

If you have any questions, please forward them to CalamarCat or Vibird (Friday-Sunday only).

To apply, please fill out the following form: here

Applications close 11 PM AEST Tuesday, May 10th.