Stream Team

The Oceanink Series Stream Team is a group of people dedicated to recording and streaming and commentating Series matches. We have three main goals:

  1. To record matches so that teams and players can watch and analyse them for their own improvement. This might involve watching back a match you played in to see how you or your team could have done better, or it might involve watching an opponent’s previous matches to see how they play. Or you might even just watch a match to learn from the players and teams who played in it.
  2. To show off the amazing teams and players of the Oceanink community, and to show off the Series, both to others within Oceanink and to people outside our community. 
  3. To show off Splatoon to a wider audience, including people who might not have heard of the game before or people who play but aren’t yet playing competitively. 
A moment from the Season 6 match between Untitled Splatoon Team and Justice Esports.

The three roles within the Stream Team each help with these goals in different ways:

Recorders and Streamers are obviously able to record matches for people to watch and analyse. However, there are different things you can focus on when spectating a match – e.g. individual plays or overall strategy via the overhead view. Since they don’t have to worry about entertaining an audience, Recorders can focus on recording a match for later analysis, which can be invaluable to the teams.

Streamers and Recorders can also draw attention to teams and the Series by showing matches to the wider public. If the goal isn’t analysis, the spectator camera can be focused on more interesting things – like using the player camera to follow the action close-up and catch amazing individual plays.

Commentators are, of course, great at hyping up matches and players. They may also get people interested in Splatoon and competitive. But it’s also a chance to teach players who are still learning by explaining maps, modes, weapons, strategies – the list goes on. It’s a great way to help the community grow and improve!

Where to watch

Official streams, usually run by a Series admin, are streamed to the Oceanink Squids Twitch channel.

Streams by other members of the Stream Team air on their individual Twitch/Youtube/etc. accounts. Members also usually upload recordings to their own accounts, but each season any Youtube uploads are collected in a playlist on the Oceanink Squids Youtube channel.

Joining the Stream Team

Want to join the Stream Team? Here’s what you should read first:

Then, once you’ve had a read of the relevant information, please contact a Series admin on Discord to apply! And be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Which roles do you want to take on: Streamer, Recorder and/or Commentator?
  • Have you read and do you agree to the relevant agreement(s) and guidelines?
  • Do you have the necessary hardware and software for the role(s)? (We can advise on hardware and software if you’re still figuring that out!)