Recruiting: Blue + Gold Mods!

Greetings everyone, we’re looking to revitalise the Oceanink Community, so we are hoping to recruit some new Discord moderators for Oceanink Competitive and Oceanink Squids.

We expect the servers to become busier in the months leading up to Splatoon 3, so we want to train new mods while it’s a bit calmer.

We are looking to build a team that will:

  • Watch the server to answer questions and help new members
  • Identify and intervene in server-based conflict 
  • Uphold the Oceanink CoC

Additional duties you could expand to in this role:

  • Assist in running tournaments and events 
  • Suggest and implement improvements for running the Oceanink community as a whole


  • 18+
  • Must be mature, patient, adaptable, enthusiastic and able to take initiative.
  • Must have good availability. Minimum: a couple days a week, including some weekends with prior notice.
  • Be willing to familiarise yourself with the Oceanink CoC and our mod guidelines.
  • Have good communication skills and be able to respond under pressure. Occasionally, mods must de-escalate situations and provide clear and succinct information.
  • Be able to remove themselves personally from conflict and criticism when necessary.

Successful applicants will be given a two-week trial to give them a chance to try out being a mod and to let us see if they’re a good fit for the team. This will be followed by a more informal 3-6 month probation. If you become inactive within 12 months, we may terminate your position.

Prior experience as a moderator (or similar) is helpful but not required. Send questions to CalamarCat or Vibird (Friday-Sunday).

The application form can be found: here.

The form will close on May 27th Friday 11 PM AEST.

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