The Oceanink Community is home to Splatoon fans from Australia and New Zealand.

We strive to provide a place where Splatoon Players from the Oceanic region can hang out and chat, play games and grow in skill. We’ll also provide news about Splatoon events happening online at ANZ-friendly hours and in-person meetups happening across the region.

Our corner of the world isn’t as large or advanced in skill as other regions so we’re always keen to see new enthusiastic players! We’re most active on Discord and Twitter so pop by and say hello some time.

Other local communities:

AUNZ Community: Oceanink Squids on Discord

Queensland: Sunshine State Squids on Discord

Western Australia: WA Sea Snails on Discord

South Australia: SA Squids on Discord

Victoria: Vic Urchins on Discord

New South Wales: NSW Octolings on Discord

Australian Capital Territory: ACT Splatoon on Discord

New Zealand: NZ Splatoon on Discord

Singapore: Splat2 SG on Discord

South-East Asia: SplatEast Asia on Discord

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