Oceanink Squids + Splatoon Showdown

Another announcement! 

This has been in the works for a little while now, but we can finally announce that…

Splatoon Showdown is joining Oceanink Squids!

What is Showdown? 

Splatoon Showdown is a game show in which teams of 4 compete in a variety of odd games with unusual rules. Weapon restrictions, alternative win conditions and more! It’s a really fun way to enjoy all the aspects Splatoon has to offer, and is a very casual event where everyone gets to hang out and “experience” the madness together.

We’re using the event as a way to kick off the year and help players get back into the game. I know a fair few people have taken a break from Splatoon, but with the third game on the horizon, something like this is a great way to jump back in and get that muscle memory back.

Why did we want to add Showdown to Oceanink Squids?

Doing this really benefits both the Oceanink community and the Showdown event at the same time!

  • We want to have events all year round that players can sign up to and keep the community thriving, but running a Series is tiring for admins and teams alike, so we need events to run during the off season.
  • Splatoon Showdown is a much more light-hearted casual event, which provides a space for players who aren’t as keen on the more competitive events.
  • It’s a good chance for individual players to get their name out there, and make their presence known on stream (if they wish of course, we’re not forcing anyone 😉)
  • Splatoon Showdown used to be invite only because there wasn’t an existing community behind it to fuel its player base. With Oceanink, we have the resources to open up to anyone wanting to give it a go!

Sounds great! Where can I sign up?

Sign ups are open now for an Early March kick off date! Unfortunately due to the nature of the event, we have to cap the number of teams to 12 (48 players max + substitutes) so if this sounds like a fun time, sign up as soon as possible!

If you can’t organise a team we do have solo sign-ups as well, though preference will be given to complete teams because it makes for a friendlier environment, so reach out on the servers and make some friends 🙂

Hope to see you there!

Team sign-up link: https://forms.gle/cyCbM8W5pFZcRYpJA

Solo sign-up link: https://forms.gle/mnfBG19a2CrF8MN19