The Oceanink community first began to help engage Australian and New Zealand competitive players with the wider Splatoon community. In the early competitive scene it was difficult to find tournaments scheduled at ANZ-friendly hours so the solution was to run our own tournament!

Since running the first Oceanink Offensive tournament in April 2016 we have continued to nurture the small ANZ Splatoon fandom and have held numerous other online and in-person Splatoon events.

Admins from the Oceanink team also assisted in the running of the 2017 Australia and New Zealand Splatoon Cup held by the Australian Esports League on behalf of Nintendo Australia. In 2018, the Oceanink community was again at hand to provide assistance to ESL Australia for the next edition of the AUNZ Splatoon Cup.


The ANZ scene is small but enthusiastic, and we hope to continue developing our skills with the advent of Splatoon 2 and beyond.