Design Team

Oceanink Series Season 6 Division 1 results graphic by Atmospark.

The Oceanink Series Design Team are responsible for many of the graphics that are created as part of the Oceanink Series. This includes:

  • Team Bio graphics
  • Series announcements (e.g. dates, divisions, results)
  • Stream announcements (e.g. that x teams are playing at y times on a given date)

Members of the team often specialise in a subset of the different types of graphics (e.g. focusing just on team bios). Different graphics are generally also needed at different times during the season – e.g. Series Announcements before and after the season and Team Bios throughout the season.

Season 6 announcement graphic by Farrens and Atmospark
Season 6 announcement graphic by Farrens and Atmospark.

How the Design Team works

The Design Team has a few hidden channels in the Oceanink Series Discord server. These include channels for general discussion, discussing drafts and works-in-progress, and a channel of shared resources (e.g. background, logos, fonts). There is a lot of discussion when anyone is working on anything, with the rest of the team helping with ideas and feedback. 

Before the season starts there is often a lot of discussion around how to theme graphics for the season, in particular the Team Bios. During the season the focus is on the Team Bios themselves, and then towards the end of the season, results for Divisions and Playoffs need to be made.

Team Bio process

Team Bio for Meraki by Atmospark
Team Bio for Meraki by Atmospark.

Teams are able to request a Team Bio graphic via a form that’s posted each season. The data from this form goes to a spreadsheet, which we use to keep track of how many bios we need to do, and which ones are in progress or done. Once a Team Bio is done – including after any feedback from the team – whoever worked on it is able to post it in the #team-bios channel for everyone in the Series to see!

Design Guidelines

The design guidelines tend to change every season or two to keep things fresh, but generally:

  • There are various colours associated with the Series logo, the Oceanink logo and the “default” background that we tend to use a lot for official graphics (e.g. announcements) though you’re not restricted to just those colours, as shown in the examples.
  • There is usually a “default” background that can be used for announcement graphics and the like.
  • The Team Bios have a “template” for each season – a basic design that outlines the shape, size, and where the various elements of the graphic (e.g. team logo, roster names, any other information) should go.
  • Generally, although we like to have some fun with the graphics, please try to be professional. As part of the Design Team, you and your art are representing Oceanink. 

Joining the Design Team

Want to join the Design Team? Great! Please message Atmospark#6354 on Discord (if you don’t get a response within a couple of days, try another member of the Design Team or a Series Admin). There are a couple of questions we will ask you, so please consider:

  • Which kinds of graphics would you like to work on?
  • How much time do you want to devote and how? E.g. helping with the occasional quick graphic vs. working on a couple of team bios throughout the season.

Graphic Examples

Various graphics by Farrens, Atmospark, Meowsifer and CalamarCat.