Standard Rules

Most Oceanink-run events will use the following rules unless otherwise stated. Players and teams are also expected to abide by the Code of Conduct when participating in Oceanink events.

Please regard the following as a guideline only, and always check the rules for any particular tournament. Rulesets often vary between organisers and events and may differ from the rules shown below. In addition they may elaborate on other details not covered.

Match Procedure

  • Only four players per team are permitted in a lobby at one time. Oceanink streamers, commentators and adjudicators must be permitted to join the lobby as spectators on request.
  • Teams may make as many substitutions between games as they wish. As a courtesy, teams should inform each other if substitutions are likely to take place over the course of a match.
    • In the event that the host advances the lobby before the “visiting” team has the opportunity to substitute, the visitors must inform their hosts of the mistake before the lobby timer expires and the game starts. It is preferable to disband the lobby rather than starting the game, so that weapon and gear picks remain hidden.


  • A free replay will be given if:
    • Multiple players disconnect simultaneously during the first 30 seconds of the game;
    • A player disconnects during the lobby or during the flyover (i.e., before the game clock has started);
    • The game disbands completely due to the Lobby Host disconnecting. If possible, a new player should host the remaining games.
      • If the same host disconnects twice in a row, their team will forfeit that game and play will move on to the next game in the match.
  • Otherwise, each team may request for a game to be replayed once during a match, provided that:
    • the disconnect occurred during the first half of the game (1:30 for Turf War, 2:30 for ranked modes);
    • the opponent team’s objective is not less than 30;
    • the remaining teammates of the disconnected player immediately stop playing.
  • When a replay is requested, it is courteous to allow the team without a disconnect to achieve a speedy knockout so that everyone can quickly return to the lobby.
  • During the replay, players may be allowed to change their gear and weapons depending when the disconnect occurred:
    • If the disconnect happened before gameplay began (either in the lobby or during the opening animations of the match), gear and weapons may be freely changed.
    • If the disconnect happened after the match timer started, gear and weapons may not be changed.
  • Substitutions are allowed for the disconnecting player if needed.
    • If the disconnected player is replaced by a substitute, all players are free to change gear and weapons, regardless of when the disconnect happened.