Oceanink Squids Server Merges

Hey everyone, another big announcement from the Oceanink staff!

I think we can all agree that Oceanink Squids has too many Discord servers – specifically, we’re referring to the four servers with a logo that is a variation on the Oceanink Squids logo. And while some of them are “officially” under the Oceanink Squids banner, others actually aren’t – and it’s rather hard to tell which is which, and what that means.

It is also somewhat hard for us to manage and properly moderate all the different servers. In addition, it makes discoverability a problem for players – particularly new players, who have to both find out about all the servers and find invites to them. 

So, towards the end of 2021, Oceanink staff hatched a daring plan:

To merge the four Oceanink servers into just two servers.

The plan is this:

  • Oceanink Squids (the server with the blue icon) will remain mostly as is, and will be intended for social purposes and casual play. 
  • Oceanink Series (the server with the gold icon) will be repurposed into Oceanink Competitive, into which Oceanink Scrims (previously Squads) and Oceanink Events will be merged.
The Oceanink Competitive logo
The new Oceanink Competitive logo

Events like Salmon Run sessions and casual PB nights will continue to be run via the Oceanink Squids server, as those events are aimed at both casual and competitive members of the community. 

However, the Series, other more competitive tournaments, and things like scrim organisation and player improvement will go in the Oceanink Competitive server.

We will also be pulling in some useful features from the various servers in the merge – e.g. the link to Sendou’s event feed from the Oceanink Squids server, and the team roles bot from Scrims that allows captains to manage roles for their own team members.

There is a lot more to the plan, but we won’t go into more detail here. Changes to the Oceanink Series server will soon be happening, and we will announce things in more detail there as we implement changes. We will also ensure there is a way to give feedback, for the community to comment on the changes.

We hope that these changes will help the community, particularly newer players trying to find their way, as we go into Splatoon 3. And we have a couple more related announcements to make very soon, so keep an eye out for those!