Individual Registration

There are actually 2 ways to register for the Series — as a team or as an individual entrant.

Registering as part of a team guarantees you a place in that season of the Series. However, if you aren’t currently in a team you can register as an individual and the Series Admins will try to help you find a team. There are two ways you could end up in a team as an individual registrant:

  • Recruitment: The list of individual registrants is shared with existing teams who are recruiting during the registration period. Usually, about half of the players who sign up as individual entrants are recruited by existing teams before the season starts.
  • Pick-up team: If when individual registration closes there are 4+ individual entrants still to find a team then the Series Admins will create pick-up teams for those players. You might be surprised at how often this works well — roughly half of the Series pick-ups have stuck around for future seasons, and some have done rather well.

Unfortunately registering as an individual doesn’t 100% guarantee you a spot in the Series – namely, if there are less than 4 individual registrants left without teams when registration closes, we can not form a pick-up team for them. However, it does raise your chances of finding a team, so if you’re eager to play then we would recommend registering!


To be eligible to play in the Series, you must meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in the Series Rules, plus:

  • Be fluent in English, as it is the main communication language for the Series.
  • Must have played all four ranked modes before (Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker and Clam Blitz) and have unlocked League Battles in-game.
    • i.e. must have reached at least B- rank in at least one ranked mode.

Before registering…

A couple of things to consider:

  • The Series runs for two months or more and requires a weekly commitment to at least a one-hour match plus however many hours your team wants to practice for. Make sure you think about how that would fit in with your usual schedule, especially considering that you’ll have to find times that work for several other people too.
  • Remember that once you join a team, you will have multiple people relying on you – both your own teammates and your opponents. Responding promptly to messages, being on time to matches and practice – you will need to put in the effort for your team to succeed.
  • Think about what kind of team you want to join. Do you want to be on a super competitive team who are aiming for first place, or do you just want to play for fun or to practice? Are you somewhere in between? It’s good to mention your preference in your registration so that teams who are recruiting know what you’re looking for.

How to register

  1. Fill out the individual registration form linked on the current season’s information page.
  2. Join the Oceanink Series Discord server.

Please note that if you do not join the Series Discord server and the admins can not contact you on Discord, the Admins will have to decline your registration. 

What happens next?

The list of registered individuals will be shared with teams who request it for recruitment purposes. If a team is interested in recruiting you, they will most likely contact you on Discord.

If you are recruited by a team after registering, please notify the Series Admins so we can remove you from the list. This allows Admins and recruiting teams to keep track of who is still a free agent.

When individual registration closes, the Admins will organise pick-up teams for the remaining individual registrants. If there are enough people for multiple teams, we will create teams using the information given to us about your ranks, weapons classes, playstyle, etc. For example, we will try to group similarly-ranked players together but might make an exception to ensure each team has a good mix of weapons and playstyles.

We recommend that the pick-up teams create their own Discord servers for team communication and start discussing the following:

  • Team name (needed by the Admins by the Monday of week one of the season)
  • Player availabilities (who is available when during the week)
  • Practice times (how often do you want to practice each week, how long for, when)

If you would like some help with getting started as a team, a Series admin can also join your Discord server for a week or two.

Pick-up teams must do some kind of seeding match(es) before the seeding period closes to be accurately placed in a division. This could involve entering an official Oceanink Series seeding tournament, a community-run tournament that officially counts for seeding or a seeding scrim. See the Series rules for more information about seeding.