Code of Conduct

Oceanink Squids is a community that strives both to foster a competitive drive and an amicable community. We expect everyone to treat one another with respect in an environment free of harassment and discrimination, and to display good sportsmanship in and out of the game. Organisers may, at their discretion, warn or discipline players or teams acting abusively or in an unsporting manner, and bans may be issued without warning if deemed appropriate.

In particular, we will not tolerate:

  • Abuse directed towards players or admins
  • Cheating, exploitation or hacking of the game system in order to gain a competitive advantage
  • Disconnecting deliberately from matches for any reason
  • Imitating other players within the community

If you see that something has violated this code of conduct, please raise your concerns with an admin, and help us keep Oceanink Squids a safe and welcoming space for kids and squids.