Double D

State: Mostly South Australia, also WA
Roster: DrDimentio, DrArkaos, MrA-Game, Cackle, Petloaf, JellySquid
About our team: We’re a team that formed for a small Splatoon 1 tournament at AVCon (an annual convention in Adelaide), and have added a few members since then.
Team goals/attitude: Unsurprisingly for a team called Double D, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re a tight-knit group, essentially more about friendship than winning – but don’t underestimate us, as we’re mostly S+ players.
Common play times: We don’t have any particular schedule, but most of us are busy during weekdays, so only weekends + weekday evenings.
Recruitment status: N/A
Contact:, or message any of the members on Discord who regularly appear online.