Series Seeding & Community Tournaments

Community tournaments that are counted towards Series seeding are weighted. The following is the set of requirements for a tournament to be given full weight (i.e. the results of it are considered with the same weight as a Series Seeding Tournament). Partial weight is given to tournaments that only meet some of the following requirements (i.e. their results are considered with less weight than the Series Seeding Tournaments). 

  • 4v4
  • Only teams from regions eligible for the Oceanink Series participate
  • Maps use a mix of game modes (does not need to be all modes)
  • No restrictions on gear/abilities
  • Only minor restrictions on weapons e.g. restrictions are that one special or a small set of weapons are banned
  • Double elimination or round robin

For a tournament to be considered for Series seeding it must meet at least 3 of the above requirements. If it does meet the requirements, contact a Series admin to discuss your tournament and get it officially added to the list of seeding tournaments for the upcoming season.

Other notes:

  • Tournaments that restrict eligibility to teams from specific Series divisions are weighted equally to tournaments with no division restriction.
  • For a team’s results in a tournament to be valid for seeding, the team must use their Series roster for the upcoming season. This is on the teams to ensure. If advertising a tournament as counting for Series seeding, it may be good to mention this though. 


Some examples of tournament formats and rules that would lower a tournament’s weighting:

  • 3v3 or 2v2
  • Include non-Oceanink teams (e.g. an international tournament)
  • Maps are only turf war
  • Some gear abilities are banned
  • Gear is limited to a certain set
  • Weapons are restricted to only weapons with a specific special
  • Weapons are restricted to only one specific weapon category
  • Single elimination

Why the restrictions?

These rules exist because tournaments that are more similar to the Series format give us better data for correctly seeding teams into Series divisions.

Things like gear/ability/weapon/special restrictions affect how well teams can do. For example: if a weapon someone mains is banned for the whole tournament they will have to play a weapon they’re not as proficient at which may affect their team’s results.

Rules about region eligibility and double vs single elimination are because we need a decent amount of data for counting a tournament to be worth it. The more Oceanink teams in a tournament the more helpful each team’s results are. For example: if two Oceanink teams go up against each other we can use that data directly, but if they don’t all we can consider is where they placed relative to each other. The latter can still be useful but not as much. Single elim has a similar problem: less matches = less data.