Season 8

The Oceanink Series offers players from Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, South-East Asia and Korea a chance to play against other local teams and practice playing regular matches under competitive conditions. The league is split into divisions, which allows everyone to play against teams of a similar skill level, with the aim of helping teams to improve and grow.

The season will consist of a bracket played over several weeks. Teams will be expected to play a set number of matches in that time period, with certain weeks set aside for catching up on deferred matches. 

All communication regarding the Oceanink Series will take place in the Oceanink Series Discord server. If you have any questions about the Series, please use the #helpdesk channel in the Discord server and ping the @Series Admin role.

Times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT, UTC +11) until changeover on April 4th, when it will change to Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, UTC+10).


Please see the rules for information about eligibility, promotion and relegation, match procedure and disconnection rules. At least one player in each team is required to read it in its entirety before playing in the Series.


Registration opens on Mar 1st 2021.

Individual registration is open until 11:55 PM AEDT Sunday March 7th. See the individual registration page for more information about how individual registration works.

Team registration is open until 11:55 PM AEDT Thursday March 18th. The Team registration form can be found here.

Once you have registered for the Series, you can also sign up for one or both Seeding Tournaments. Registering for a Seeding Tournament will require you to have set up a Team on Challonge. If you want help with Challonge or signing up, please use the #helpdesk channel in the Series Discord.

Seeding Tournament 1 registration:

Seeding Tournament 2 registration:


  • Seeding Tournament 1: 6 PM Saturday 13th Mar (AEDT)
  • Seeding Tournament 2: 2 PM Sunday 21st Mar (AEDT)
  • Week 1: Monday 29th Mar – Sunday 4th Apr: Round 1
  • Week 2: Monday 5th Apr – Sunday 11th Apr: Round 2
  • Week 3: Monday 12th Apr – Sunday 18th Apr: Round 3
  • Week 4: Monday 19th Apr – Sunday 25th Apr: Catch-up Week 1
  • Week 5: Monday 26th Apr – Sunday 2nd May: Round 4
  • Week 6: Monday 3rd May – Sunday 9th May: Round 5
  • Week 7: Monday 10th May – Sunday 16th May: Catch-up Week 2
  • Post-season Tournament: 2 PM Saturday 22nd May (AEST) (Subject to change)

Season 8 Changes

Best of 9 -> Best of 7

Series matches can go for a while, especially when Internet issues occur. This can be draining for the players, especially over the duration of a Season. So the Series Admins have decided to reduce the number of maps in each round to 7, especially because of the other change this season…

Set map list per round -> Counter-picking from a per round map pool

Before each season, the Admins tend to spend time discussing and improving one or two aspects of the Series. This season, that was the map format.

Ever since the Series started, we have used a simple map list for each round. But after so many seasons of that, we decided we could do something better, without drifting too far from the goals of the Series. We discussed a few options and eventually settled on the following.

The basic idea is that for each round, the map list will contain:

  • 1 map that must be played for game 1 of the round
  • 9 maps that form a map pool which teams counter-pick from for the rest of the round, removing maps from the pool as they are played

This allows teams some say in which maps are played each week but restricts the map pool for each week to make practice fairly easy (as there are only 10 maps to practice) and to hopefully reduce the time counter-picking takes (as there are only so many maps to choose from). 

To keep things interesting, the Admins will be adding 1 turf map to the map pool for each round, and will create a poll on the Sunday of each round so that players can choose 2 maps from the current round to carry over to the next round. This lets players choose to replay maps they enjoyed (or to play maps they missed out on), and means there are two less new maps each round to practice, for those teams who don’t want to practice all 10 maps each week. 

And no, maps can’t roll over repeatedly – the poll will only include the maps that were new for that round, not the maps that rolled over from the previous round.

Also, this only applies to the actual rounds of the season. The Seeding Tournaments will continue to use normal map lists.

What is counter-picking?

Counter-picking is where the team that loses a game chooses the map for the next game. There are multiple ways counter-picking can be done, but for the Series, this means choosing a map (a stage + mode combination) from the specified map pool that hasn’t yet been played. 

Example match:

Game 1:

  • Teams A and B play the specified game 1 map
  • Team A wins
  • Team B chooses the map for game 2 from the map pool of 9 maps

Game 2: 

  • Teams A and B play the map that Team B chose
  • Team B wins
  • Team A chooses the map for game 3 from the remaining map pool of 8 maps

Game 3, etc.:

Gameplay continues as above until a team wins four games (as it is best of 7).